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My name is Annie. I am the owner and designer of Mini-Mocs. Mini-Mocs, Inc. was started in 2005 for the love of babies' feet and the desire for a fashionable alternative in children's footwear. My best friend & sister has six beautiful children and when it came to putting shoes on their feet and keeping them there, her choices were few & far between. She found herself limited to shoes made overseas, including most of the larger brands, and they all seemed to look alike. Developing Mini-Mocs became a mission. We set out to produce a shoe that put the health of children's' feet first accompanied by the benefits of being incredibly flexible, machine washable and having a stay-on fit. All of our Mini-Mocs  products are handmade in the USA with materials that exceed the US government safety standards for children's' products. Mini-Mocs moccasins are available in six sizes. They are pediatrician recommended because of their soft construction, aiding in healthy foot development and motor skill coordination. Beginning at infancy and continuing through the toddler years, Mini-Mocs products are a perfect choice for discerning parents. A closer look at the benefits of Mini-Mocs soft sole shoes can be found <<here>>.




For children, everyday is all about fun and being care free. At Mini-Mocs our focus is to be part of that uninhibited joy by creating lively products designed with a child's good health & development in mind. We strive to marry the production of our exceptional products along with the ethical practice of using materials that are manufactured in ways that protect our customers as well as the environment. By using a variety of color combinations, great textures, skillful craftsmanship and with a commitment to comfort, Mini-Mocs can promise our clients that children are at the forefront of every decision we make when producing our collections. At Mini-Mocs, it's all about the babies.


Moccasin Maker
Annie Boyer

Yep-that's me, a long time ago. I am co-founder, creator, designer & president of Mini-Mocs, Inc.  I'm an entrepreneur, a creative spirit and a "don't tell me I can't do it" kind of woman. I have a loving family & wonderfully devoted husband. There is no greater gift than knowing that the people I love are behind me & are supportive of the goals that I've set for myself.



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