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Mini-Mocs Soft Sole Shoes from Infancy to Toddler


0-6 Months / S


Infants...sweet and tiny all over including their little feet...but not so tiny is the rate that babies are developing knowledge and an understanding of what surrounds them. To an infant his or her universe is everything they hear,  see,  touch and taste.  A baby's responses to these stimulations are completely involuntary. The physical movement a baby exhibits is a response made in connection with the brain while a baby is learning, absorbing and storing information. Their hands, fingers and wrists will curl, open, stretch and rotate. Their feet and toes will clinch, ball, spread, kick and wiggle. Restricting these natural movements as motor skills develop can be a source of frustration for a baby, that's where the ultra flexible and fabulous design of our Mini-Mocs shoes comes in. Our shoes give your baby's feet the ability to move freely without ever denying them full mobility. Most babies' age 0-6 months are barefoot, and at home doctors agree this is what is best. However there are many times that bare feet are not practical or safe. When taking a baby into public places keeping their feet covered is important.  A baby's bare skin and tender toe nail beds coming in contact with things that may be soiled or have been touched by many people is not ideal. These are times that babies should be wearing Mini-Mocs. My shoes are skillfully handcrafted in the USA from premium leathers, suedes and materials that have met US Government safety standards for children products. They provide your baby with the barefoot experience they desire while giving their feet the protection they need.



6-12 Months / M


During these next six months, a baby is sitting up, crawling and starting to pull themselves up into a standing position and sometimes even taking those very first steps. The importance of babies being able to feel the surface beneath their feet is crucial to further motor skill development. Each foot has 33 joints, more than 100 muscles and tendons, as well as 26 developing bones - strengthening these areas of a baby's foot is essential for long term foot health. A baby uses every part of their foot to grip, steady and balance themselves as they learn to stand and take their first steps. This makes Mini-Mocs shoes the perfect choice for parents that look for products that are beneficial for the good health and development of their children. Because of our flexible soft suede sole design Mini-Mocs will give your baby the sense of security they need to stand and the confidence to take those first steps. The ability to move their feet and freely grip the surface beneath them provides a greater sense of balance and accomplishment. Our design insures that a baby's feet are protected on most surfaces while allowing them to move in a completely natural and healthy way.  



12-18 Months / L


Mini-Mocs play an important role in a baby's progress from infancy. From infancy to the age that a baby starts to take those first steps, Mini-Mocs continues to be the right choice for a baby's healthy foot development and a parent's peace of mind. When a baby really starts moving by toddling and walking parents truly appreciate the elastic ankle band feature that keeps our shoes on your baby's feet until you take them off. The soft suede sole that has allowed a baby to have complete mobility since infancy now becomes recognized for its non-skid qualities. Our non-skid suede soles help to keep baby up on their feet even when on  wood or linoleum floors. If you notice over time & many miles of wear that the suede sole starts to burnish, simple use the coarse side of an emery board or a low grain sandpaper to bring the non-skid resistance back to life. Our shoes have been designed and crafted in a way to withstand outdoor use as well.  Mini-Mocs are not recommended for use on course gravel or stone.




18-24 Months / XL


By this age a child's walking skills have developed and progressed to a steady & quick pace. They are moving about so well in fact that it's now time for a new challenge... climbing. Whether it is a flight of stairs at home, a climbing gym at a child's nursery school or park, children love to explore and test their skills. Mini-Mocs' design qualities give a child the confidence they need to take on these challenges. From the very beginning our soft suede sole and super flexible uppers have been a perfect tool for a child's good foot health and development. Mini-Mocs gives your child confidence when they are taking on new tasks or perfecting the skills they've already learned.  Mini-Mocs are also available in sizes 24-36 months (2X) and 36-48 months (3X). At these sizes it's all about the continued comfort and flexibility.  We want to earn your trust in the Mini-Mocs' brand, assuring we'll provide you with the best quality & value for your baby's healthy and happy feet.  

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